First World Problems

Have you ever seen those “First World Problems” online?  They tend to go a little something like this:

 “Someone didn’t refill the Brita pitcher . . .  and now I have to wait 30 seconds for water.”

 “I can’t find the right balance between my fan and my electric blanket.”

As Louisville makes the switch between Insight to Time Warner Cable, many residents are experiencing their own version of first world problems as we work to upgrade our services, cancel services, or begin services all together. I recently decided to upgrade from standard internet to internet and digital cable. Ten days three service appointments, and four technicians later, I finally had cable. I also got the bonus of having cords run all over the floor and dealing with the challenge of hiding the cables to create a safe living space. THEN the day after cable was finally installed the cable and internet went out all together. Lovely. My initial reaction was to throw something out the window. I was so frustrated, so I dial up Time Warner and ask them to sort things out.

Not only had I been very patient throughout the whole process, rearranging my work schedule and being as polite as possible on the phone, but I have been a loyal customer for years. A situation like this can go one of two ways. You can blow up at the person on the other end of the phone just for breathing because you are so mad at a situation they had no part in creating or you can be as nice as humanly possible, get your services fixed and maybe, just maybe get some kind of credit towards your next bill. The initial reaction is to blast the first person you speak with – this is a problem and it needs to be fixed. Now! But does that really serve you? Does that fix your problem or make you feel better? And really – this is a luxurious problem to have. This was my first world problem and while it was legitimately frustrating, it is just cable.

When presented with challenges it is difficult to take time to process and to have a reaction that is both positive and productive. However, giving ourselves time and space to constructively handle situations in a way that is not only serving us well but also serves those around us well makes for a better way of living. These first world problems will pop up all the time and we can’t control that but we can control how we let that affect us.

(I did get my services fixed – and the phone representatives were very gracious in giving me a small credit to my next bill!)1

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