Flight Status: Standby

I don’t know how many of you have flown “standby” before, but the process goes something like this:

You register for the flight you are hoping to get on. The screen that shows the number of seated passengers that have checked in continues to fill in seats. As boarding begins everyone gets on the plane but you, even though you have been at the airport for hours and have been checking and double checking the numbers. If, and only if, there is an empty seat on the plane you are able to board and get closer to your destination. If the plane checks in full, you stay where you are and scramble to find a new flight.

This method of travel can be one of the most stressful ways of getting from point A to point B or it can be an adventure, a problem-solver’s paradise. It all depends on how you come in to the situation. If you have only one option, only one flight that will get you where you want to go you can be pulling your hair out worrying if you are going to make it on board or if your plans will fall through. For those of us who are problem-solvers, looking at the flight schedules and visualizing all of the possible flight connections can be an exciting puzzle! How can you work the system to arrive where you need to be and maybe hop into an unexpected city along the way?

Do you see how different these two perspectives are? When we are rigid with only one option, a black or white scenario, we can worry ourselves silly and stress over circumstances that we have little control over. The other side of this scenario is that we come to the platform with a flexible outlook. From that perspective success is more likely and you may even enjoy the experience. Regardless of the situation, strive to have an open mind and enjoy the possibilities that present themselves.1

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