Savor The Moment: Mindfulness In Your Daily Life

dessertWho doesn’t like dessert? If someone tells you they don’t like dessert don’t believe them. They are obviously gravely mistaken or severely ill. Dessert is awesome. Sometimes when I have dessert I take the time to really enjoy it, to savor it and the sweet boost to my day. That is sometimes – most of the time my taste buds freak out and I eat whatever it is really fast! It tastes so good and my brain is going in to overdrive. I cannot slow down and appreciate the moment.

If we are all truthful with ourselves we do this a lot with many different things – we get excited or overwhelmed with the anticipation and we move through the good moment at 100 mph. How many things do we miss out on because we zip though it? How many opportunities to make the good things truly memorable and lasting have we missed?

We don’t just gun it through the good things we have been looking forward to – we speed right through the uncomfortable things as well. Move through the situation or event as fast as humanly possible so we don’t have to marinate in the discomfort. What could we have gained by sitting in that space a little longer?

If you have ever gotten a massage you know that when working on a tight muscle or a knot it is uncomfortable when pressure is gradually and firmly applied and the discomfort builds until the tightness finally releases and then you feel so much better. If you had shied away from the discomfort then you wouldn’t get to experience the sweet relief that followed. Although it was uncomfortable, savoring that moment is worth it to get the pay off in the end.

This idea of savoring can be applied to work, kids, significant others, recreation, any moment of your day-to-day existence is worth noticing.

When you see yourself zipping through a moment catch yourself and see why it is you are speeding through. Are you escaping discomfort? Are you carried away because the moment is so good? Are you not being mindful of the moment?

When you are able to identify why you aren’t savoring then do some soul searching and decide if there is anything to be gained by slowing down a bit and savoring the moment.

Enjoy your time and your experiences. Even those that are more difficult to savor, often those have a sweet pay-off if we can hang in there. Your experience is worth your attention – so savor it!1

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