Erin Ness Roberts

In life we are in constant change and constant flux.  WhenErin Ness Roberts new change comes, there is a mourning of the old to make way for the new. No matter how exciting these new changes are or what places they may take us, those changes can cause a whole range of emotions while we adjust.  I work with people to help move through these transitions to gain meaning from them, using therapy techniques that are tailored to your needs.  Each person who walks through the door is unique, and although my approach and theory for each person is grounded in evidence-based practice, the sessions are as individual as the person or people that come into a session.

Relationships are what make up much of our well-being, and when those relationships are altered, we can feel disjointed, angry, lonely or anxious.  I specialize in Relationship Recovery, helping people navigate through difficult emotions after a relationship falls apart, as well as Relationship Repair and Restoration.  I also work with families big and small in a range of transitions, relationship-building and conflict. I also work with pre-teens & adolescents, and young adults in transition.

I am a Ph.D. Candidate in Social Work and have a Masters degree in Social Work with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy, having studied and taught relationship education for five years.  My research interests looks at what comprises a healthy relationship, and this adds to my therapy practice.  I have also taught in the Masters program in Social Work at the University of Louisville.

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